Additional Guidelines on the Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission


1. In addition to initial guidelines issued on March 15, 2020 by the OUP through PACO, the following additional guidelines shall be strictly followed:

1.1 All classes, both graduate and undergraduate, will remain suspended until April 14, 2020 or until further notice.

1.2 No students shall be allowed to enter the premises of the university including in the branch/satellite campuses during the period of class suspension except on the following cases:

1.2.1 Those students who are conducting thesis inside campus which involved plants and animals that need to be watered and fed. However, they shall be strictly monitored and advised to get out immediately after their task for the day is completed. Prolong stay in the vicinity is prohibited.

1.3 Outside visitors shall not be allowed during the period where classes are suspended and they should be advised that any transaction shall be by electronic means (text messages, messenger, e-mail, etc.).

1.4 The University Mall and other concessionaires are hereby advised to temporarily close operation from March 16-April 14, 2020 when there are no students except the following:

1.4.1 Those selling food items/groceries and other day-to-day public necessities such as alcohol, tissue papers, soap, etc. However, they should limit the number of customers getting inside the stores or devise a strategy how to lessen customers queue in any given time. During the period from March 16 to April 14, those who will voluntarily close their shops will not be required to pay rentals.

1.5 VP for Academic Affairs shall submit to OUP for approval the proposal/plans to fulfill students educational requirements during the said period.

1.6 VPASS, VPRE and VPPD shall submit proposals to OUP for approval the measures to implement provision of MC No. 7, s.2020 and CSC Announcement No. 12, s.2020, dated March 16, 2020 re: Alternative Work Arrangement in the Light of Code Red Sub-Level 2 issued by the Office of the President through DOH.

1.7 Any work arrangement for both faculty and non-teaching personnel that may be approved shall not compromise the effective delivery of service and shall not affect the university productivity and performance with regard to Instruction, Research and Extension and General Services.

1.8 The University Medical staff is hereby directed to extend assistance to all employees who will be declared as PUI or PUM due to possible exposure during their previous travel to areas with confirmed COVID-19 cases before March 16, 2020. They should coordinate from time to time with the Provincial Health Unit, MHU and DOH Regional office for more reliable information regarding the disease.

1.9 All official travels (planned or unplanned) outside the province is hereby temporarily suspended.

1.10 All PPS drivers are hereby instructed to disinfect their respective assigned vehicle and shall remain parked in the motor pool.

2. Additional guidelines anent to this shall be issued from time to time if the situation warrants.

3. The cooperation of everyone during the challenging time is highly enjoined.

4. Please be guided accordingly.

5. Be safe everyone