Initial Guidelines to Implement Social Distancing


  1. All faculty members including JO part time are not required to report for work on March 16-17 until further notice. Non-academic employees, however, are required to report but should exercise social distance of at least 1 meter .
  2. Avoid congregating anywhere within the University including campuses.
  3. No students or student applicants shall be allowed entry until further advise.
  4. Offices shall not accept outside visitors for the mean time.
  5. All employees are encouraged to bring own food or take lunch at home. Eating at canteen restaurants is discouraged.
  6. Important messages, queries, advisories shall be by electronics means.
  7. PPS Staff, SGs, and Outsource Janitorial Staff are directed to do disinfecting works in all buildings.
  8. Additional updates will be issued after the meeting with the LGU and other agencies involved in the COVID-19 management.
  9. All employees are discouraged to post, like , share any unofficial release not coming from WHO, DOH, DILG , IATF for COVID-19 and concerned LGUs.
  10. Please be guided accordingly
  11. Be safe everyone.

Ref: CMO 19, 2005, CHED Advisory Nos. 1-4, s. 2020. IATF Resolution 11-12. OPG Advisories.