EJx 2020 participants share experience, learning

Two BS International Studies students from Cavite State University, Queen Recca L. Marcellana (European Studies major) and Michelle T. Atas (Asian Studies major), participated in the East Java Exploration (EJx) 2020.

EJx is an online short program co-organized by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS Surabaya) and nine other prominent public universities in East Java province. The program offers multi-cultural understanding which lead to harmony in the global world.

Here’s what the students have to say about their experience:

Capture beyond what your sight could reach”. The very reason why we decided to join a program that is designed to educate people from multiple nations. Wanting to learn and explore things physically had been difficult as the world currently is facing these trying times. The pandemic has made face-to-face communication almost impossible leading to the rise of a new approach to learning: virtual learning.

East Java Exploration (EJx) 2020 is a general course with a multidisciplinary approach for participants to explore the province of East Java, Indonesia in various aspects. The program was organized by 10 prominent universities in East Java – Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jawa Timur, Universitas Airlanga, Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel Surabaya, Universitas  Negeri Malang, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Universitas Brawijaya, Universitas  Negeri Surabaya, Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, Universitas  Trunojoyo Madura, and Universitas Jember.

Each day, a university hosts a three-hour online session with a particular topic such as the history of  Indonesia independence day, smart city, history and Indonesian culture on Islamic New Year, Malangan Javanese and Walikan language, maintaining mental health during  COVID-19 pandemic, start-up ecosystem in Kota Malang, understanding Indonesian  language diversity, women empowerment within Muslim community in Indonesia, Madura  language and culture, and institutional arrangement of tobacco for community welfare and  tobacco for health.

The program was informative and fun! Every session, the host university made sure that the class would be interactive. All the topics discussed were delivered effectively by experts. We engaged in academic activities from having a question and answer portion with the experts to writing down daily summaries of what we have learned in each session. A virtual tour in East Java cities was also conducted that made our exploration more effective. We were also grouped for a final project that we needed to work on together. Through this collaboration with other nationalities, we were able to socialize and build a great connection with them. On the last day of the program, every group’s final project was presented. We were also assessed and given advice on matters that needed some improvements. The program equipped the participants with enough understanding of Indonesia’s culture, diversity, and potential.

Another great experience in this program was that both of us decided to apply for credit transfer and were successful in attaining them through research papers regarding certain topics about East Java. Together with our gained knowledge, we were also able to finish the program with fun memories and newfound foreign friends. The experience, all in all, was worth every minute spent.

It has been long asserted that through actual experiences comes true learning. But with the recent events in our society, learning opportunities have become somewhat elusive. Staying at home meant we were only exposed to the four corners of our abodes. However, EJx made our stay at home experience great! Despite being held virtually, the program was delivered very well. Through their effective stimulation, we were able to capture sights and sites beyond our computers and the small environment in our homes. It is through online program like this that students can reach new heights, develop their knowledge, and further use it to make positive contributions”. (QRMacellana/MTAtas)

Ms. Marcellana participated in the first batch of EJx (15 August – 05 September 2020) while Ms. Atas joined the second batch (18 September 18 – 02 October). Their nomination as participants to the program was endorsed by the International and Local Collaborations and Linkages Offices of CvSU.

In relation to this, ITS Surabaya is again calling for guest speakers/participants to the following e-programs:

Call for Speakers

Call for Participants

Interested faculty members and/or students may coordinate with the International and Local Collaborations and Linkages Office (iclo@cvsu.edu.ph). (JBAlitagtag)