2021 GAD Planning and Budgeting Workshop conducted

The University’s Gender and Development Resource Center (GADRC) hosted the 2021 GAD Planning and Budgeting Workshop last October 14-15, 2020. It was attended by 19 female and 3 male GAD coordinators and alternates from the different colleges, campuses, and units of the institution.

The workshop aimed: to enhance the knowledge and skills of all the participants in preparing their respective GAD Plan and Budget; to identify programs, projects and activities that will address gender issues in the university and adopted communities; and to enhance the awareness of the participants in valuing the GAD program as a tool in developing a highly gender responsive university.

Dr. Leyma L. Cero, Vice President for Planning and Development, pointed out that the GAD plan and budget being prepared by the university are not to be taken lightly and thought of as merely a compliance. She stressed that the GAD plan and budget is part of the university’s fight to achieve gender equality and that the university needs to consistently look and scrutinize things thru the gender lenses in order to win the said fight.

Ms. Raecel A. Estebat, OIC of GADRC, thoroughly discussed the importance of the GAD plan and budget, which aims to put into place effective mechanisms and measures for gender mainstreaming throughout the whole university system.  She also spelled out the issues and concerns on gender and established strategies and instruments with reachable targets for the Focal Point System.  The corresponding budget to be carried out in implementing GAD PAPs was also discussed.

It was pointed out during the webinar that the GAD plan must be built on the lessons learned in the implementation of the previous GAD plans, observations of the GAD advocates, organizations, and our clients. Gender-mainstreaming was also injected throughout the discussion where the participants exchanged thoughts, ideas, and best practices on how they can overcome issues surfacing in their respective colleges, campuses, and units. The first day ended with the participants accepting the challenge of change.

Day two activities focused on the participants’ presentation of their respective 2021 GAD Plan and Budget while Ms. Estebat and Ms. Shirlyn R. Leachon gave their comments and suggestions on how to improve their plan and budgets. Ms. Lolita G. Herrera, Director of Finance Management Office, gave her closing message. She mentioned the full support of the university, particularly the Finance and Management Office, in all GAD activities.

Participants of the GAD Planning and Budgeting Workshop