Advisory: To all students and parents

The University acknowledges student initiatives and encourages development of student leadership as it has been doing in the past years through various activities led by student organizations. Such activities are expected to follow the school policies and organizations’ set rules through their Constitution and By-Laws (CBL). It has to be noted that a recognition program is being conducted every year to present the official student organizations and their set of officers.
With this, we wish to inform you that all student organizations including Central Student Government (CSG) have already ended their terms of office and positions last July 31, 2020. It is in accordance with their respective CBL stating that their term of office is good for one (1) school year only. Even the election of new officers shall be based from what is being stipulated in their CBL. Considering this, the Central Student Government (CSG) election shall be conducted from the COMELEC’s initiatives which were formulated last February 2020. This means that all officers last SY 2019-2020 have no jurisdiction this First Semester, SY 2020-2021 and the use of the organization’s name and their position beyond the said date in any transaction is a misrepresentation.
To address this, the Office of Student Affairs and Services is scheduled to conduct a virtual leadership webinar cum recognition of student organizations on October 2020. This means that there will be new set of officers this October for SY 2020- 2021 to ensure that aside from student representation, students are also given opportunity to develop their potentials and enhance community spirit even in the virtual environment considering the health crisis the nation is facing.
Kindly wait for details and further announcement.
Thank you very much.