TED, Educ Circle step up in General Assembly 2020

“Everyone can be a leader, but not everyone can step up.”

Ms. Jane Marie C. Leonares-Gonzales motivated the members of Education Circle under the Teacher Education Department (TED) in a leadership training cum General Assembly 2020 held at the University Quadrangle last January 31.

With the theme, “Forget Me, Remember We”, Ms. Leonares-Gonzales who served as guest speaker focused on selflessness in leadership as she shared her experiences as concrete examples of reality in a public school. Her talk became an eye opener for all future teachers to be leaders of love, effort and endurance as they dream more for the betterment of themselves, their families and the society.

Dr. Ammie P. Ferrer, Dean of College of Education, emphasized in her inspirational message the similarities on the qualities of a leader that a teacher must possess. Meanwhile, Dr. Jake Raymund F. Fabregar, one of the advisers of the said student organization, challenged the participants on the importance of leading the organization well at present so they can lead the world better in the future.

The event also became an avenue for Mr. Ryan Pitel, president of Education Circle, Mr. Aljon Sabado from the College of Education- Central Body System, and Mr. Gerald Anciro from the Central Student Government to share their organizations’ accomplishment reports and encourage them to join other upcoming activities. A team building was also conducted in the afternoon session allowing students to have a sense of belongingness and to improve their moral and leadership skills. The excitement even heightened as CvSU Musikeros performed in a Mini Concert. (JAlitagtag)

CED Faculty with Ms. Leonares-Gonzales as she receives the Certificate of Appreciation