October 2015

The Gender and Development Focal Point System (GAD-FPS) of Cavite State University (CvSU) held its Workshop on GAD Planning and Budgeting for 2017 on October 19 and 20, 2015 at the Southern Tagalog Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium Conference Room. The activity was participated in by the GAD Coordinators and Alternates of all the colleges and campuses of CvSU. There were 13 male and 40 female participants.

The speakers in this seminar-workshop were the Chair of CvSU GAD-FPS, Dr. Nelia C. Cresino and the GAD Coordinator for Research Dr. Marietta C. Mojica. After the speakers’ presentations on the Guidelines on the Preparation of the GAD Plan and Budget and Accomplishment Report and on the Use of Gender Analysis Tool, the participants were grouped into four to work on the plans and budget for four areas. These areas are Research, Extension, Higher Education, and Support to Administration.

Some of the major plans that were presented after the workshop included mainstreaming GAD in areas like research and extension, and instruction. Integration of GAD in all course syllabi; regular conduct of Gender Sensitivity Orientation and Training for new students, including first year students and transferees, for new sets of local government officials, and for all stakeholders; and integration of GAD in the entire University planning and budgeting were also targeted.

Soon, CvSU will be recognized as a truly gender-responsive institution. (B.J.P.Ilagan)