Mission, Vision, Goals

College Vision

The College of Nursing of Cavite State University envisions being one of the nation’s leading nursing institutions in providing excellent instruction and opportunities for research, practice, and service.

College Mission

The mission of College of Nursing is to educate students, advance the discipline of nursing through research, provide service that is responsive to the health care needs of the public, and demonstrate local, national and international leadership for the profession.

College Goals

The College of Nursing shall achieve the following goals:

  1. Produce globally competitive graduates with highly employability
  2. Produce a supportive collegial environment that facilitates research more effectively; forwards the science of nursing
  3. Develop and implement extension services in partnership with various stake holders for the promotion, prevention, and restoration of health of the individual, family and society.
  4. Achieve passing rate from 70 to 100 percent in Nursing Licensure Examination
  5. To be recognized as the Center of Development/Center of Excellence by the Commission on Higher Education